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Innoflex Incorporated is the innovator of numerous flexible packaging applications including EZ-Stand, Zip360™, Pour & Lok™, bag top and front panel zippers.  All of Innoflex Inc. designs and processes are registered patents which are licensed to third-party converter(s) and end users.


Jim Yeager



Hudson Sharp Logo updated.png

Hudson-Sharp manufacturers the film converting equipment used by film convertors to apply the EZ-Stand gusset panel.  Contact Hudson-Sharp to discuss the capabilities of their equipment to convert film webs to run EZ-Stand.


Tom McGrane

EZ-Stand Program Manager


(p) 920-496-1345


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Southwest Formseal is licensed by Innoflex to design and manufacture EZ-Stand sealing jaws.  SWF manufactures EZ-Stand for all models of VFFS packaging machines and has innovative patent pending designs for adjustable jaws.   SWF can be counted on to support the entire project from design phase through implementation.  Contact SWF to discuss specifics of EZ-Stand bags profiles, sealing jaws and forming collars.


John Deterling, President

Jason Crosby, VP of Engineering


(p) 832-399-3900


Southwest Formseal EZ-Stand PDF

EZ-Stand Film Convertors

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