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Create stand up bags on your Vertical Form, Fill and Seal (VFFS) bagger with EZ-Stand. As a tried and true application, the pillow pack created on a VFFS machine is considered the industry standard for producing economical and versatile packaging across all industries. The simplicity in design allows for unparalleled production speeds and cost management. However, the original pillow pack no longer meets the modern packaging demand to stand up like a pre-made or doy-style pouch.

Upgrading to EZ-Stand is as simple as a film and sealing jaw change on a vertical bagger.  EZ-Stand packages are formed using a film web with a pre-applied folded panel. When the package is formed on a VFFS bagger and sealed with a specially designed set of sealing jaws, the panel unfolds to become the bottom of your stand-up bag. EZ-Stand allows operators to use their existing VFFS baggers to produce stand-up bags comparable to other stand-up package formats at a fraction of the cost. With minor, non-permanent changes to your current VFFS, you can immediately start generating an eye-catching package with an affordable upfront investment.

Operators of all skill and experience levels can produce attractive EZ-Stand stand up pillow packs by simply changing to the specially designed film and EZ-Stand sealing jaws. EZ-Stand allows you to gain the efficiency of the VFFS bagger and the powerful impact of a stand-up package. The sealing jaws are interchangeable if you desire to create different shaped/sizes packages from one product run to another.

Benefits Include:

  • Create attention-grabbing stand-up bags on existing VFFS packaging machines

  • Minimal or no permanent changes to packaging equipment

  • Minimal capital investment in tooling

  • Width ranges from 4" to 14" wide bags

  • Production speed higher than standard pouch (DOY) style machines

  • Faster return on investment than a pouch making machine

  • Recloseable zipper, hole punch, tear notches or laser scoring available

  • Adjustable gusset seal jaws allowing for different sized packages with no down time for change over (US Patent).

  • Foolproof! Simple installation set up with minimal training

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How it works

How it Works

Film Converting

EZ-Stand films are made on the proven and successful Hudson-Sharp INNO-LOK® machine in use by dozens of film converters. A universal gusset applicator is used to economically and efficiently apply a folded gusset to the film web. The gusset forms the bottom of the stand-up package during the packaging operation.

EZ-Stand front panel widths can range from 4" to 14".  The EZ-Stand gusset and can be combined with front panel zippers, bag top zippers, Zip360™, and Pour & Lok™ zippers.

Contact Hudson-Sharp for a current listing of EZ-Stand converters.  See Resources page.

Packaging Machine Operation

EZ-Stand is a modified pillow pack using EZ-Stand film.  The film has a pre-applied gusset which becomes the bottom of the package during the sealing operation. The pre-applied EZ-Stand film web runs efficiently through any VFFS packaging machine.  The key to a successful EZ-Stand package is in the design of the special U-shaped sealing jaws in combination with the EZ-Stand packaging film.  Jaws are custom designed and precision manufactured to create the perfect size EZ-Stand package.  The type of packaged product determines the design of the package and the final appearance of the finished bag.

EZ-Stand is a non-permanent change to packaging machines using interchangeable sealing jaws and forming collar assemblies, EZ-Stand can be run at existing production speeds.

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EZ-Stand Videos

EZ-Stand In Action

EZ-Stand Converting and Packaging

The first half of this video shows the process of converting the web to have the pre-applied gusset, and the second part of the video running EZ-Stand on a Hayssen packaging machine during a trail. 

Sweet Potato Fries with EZ-Stand

2 Lbs of Sweet Potato Fries

Frozen Shrimp with EZ- Stand

Frozen shrimp running at 75 bags per minute.


Talk to the Experts


Innoflex Incorporated is the innovator of numerous flexible packaging applications including EZ-Stand, Zip360™, Pour & Lok™, bag top and front panel zippers.  All of Innoflex Inc. designs and processes are registered patents which are licensed to third-party converter(s) and end users.


Jim Yeager



Hudson Sharp Logo updated.png

Hudson-Sharp manufacturers the film converting equipment used by film convertors to apply the EZ-Stand gusset panel.  Contact Hudson-Sharp to discuss the capabilities of their equipment to convert film webs to run EZ-Stand.


Tom McGrane

EZ-Stand Program Manager


(p) 920-496-1345


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Southwest Formseal is licensed by Innoflex to design and manufacture EZ-Stand sealing jaws.  SWF manufactures EZ-Stand for all models of VFFS packaging machines and has innovative patented designs for adjustable jaws.   SWF can be counted on to support the entire project from design phase through implementation.  Contact SWF to discuss specifics of EZ-Stand bags profiles, sealing jaws and forming collars.


John Deterling, President

Jason Crosby, VP of Engineering


(p) 832-399-3900


Southwest Formseal EZ-Stand PDF

EZ-Stand Film Convertors
- Consolidated Packaging Group
- Josh Packaging
- Morris Packaging
- Sixto Packaging
- Valley Packaging Supply

EZ-Stand Near You

Find EZ-Stand Near You

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EZ-Stand stand-up pillow packages have become very successful with multiple commercial applications in many different product types.  You can find EZ-Stand packaged products in the following stores.

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